Economic Development

WYO coin is an ERC20 with Economic Impact

Wyoming Incubation Coin LLC is going to grow the economy through Blockchain Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

WYO, the Wyoming Incubation Coin is for Economic Development and Inclusion. WYO coin’s mission is opening up co-working incubator spaces to support entrepreneurship and startup growth.

When you buy WYO coins you are joining a new kind of economic development agency. WYO coins are your way to create co-working properties in Wyoming, and support startups incorporating in Wyoming by providing an incubator program and space.

The funds used to buy WYO coins are used to purchase and maintain real estate in Wyoming for the purpose of supporting entrepreneurship in the state. Also, funds used to buy WYO coins are also used to make micro-investments into lean startup customer development experiments to help our alumni and startups gain traction with their businesses.

Holders of WYO coins will have governance rights over Wyoming Incubation Coin LLC who owns and uses real estate for the incubator program and co-working space.

Holders of WYO coins will have the opportunity to stake WYO coins to vote for which startups applying get to come into the program and co-working space. WYO coin holders will also get to stake to vote which communities Incubator Spaces are started.

WYO coins are a mintable ERC20 with a current circulating supply of 10,000,000, with no maximum on total supply. WYO is mintable to maintain a price of $1.00 a WYO when purchased from Wyoming Incubation Coin LLC. But WYO is 100% tradable on exchanges like Uniswap that support ERC20 tokens if you ever want to sell them or trade them for other tokens.

Circulating Supply of WYO coins represents the dollar value of funds that have been raised or in the processing of raising. During the launch 10,000,000 WYO have been minted, with this issuing we are looking to raise $10,000,000 to purchase 3 properties in different regions of Wyoming, hire support staff, open our doors to 6 startups at each location, and provide them the tools they need to start their businesses.

New WYO coins will be minted anytime there is a need to support existing infrastructure and startups stipends, or in the opportunity to expand into new towns and cities in Wyoming. Wyoming Incubation Coin LLC will be inclusive to the entire state of Wyoming and any community can petition us to start an incubator and co-working space, and if there’s enough support from WYO coin holders staking to vote for a locatin a property will be purchased in that community.

Our Incubator Program will support startup teams and solo entrepreneurs with a Stipend of $1,500 a month per team member (up to $9,000 monthly for 6 team members per startup), and provide each startup a dedicated office space in the co-working space. WYO coin creates dependable income opportunities to be an entrepreneur and supports entrepreneurship in Wyoming. WYO coin creates Jobs that create more Job opportunities in the state.

Any startup can apply to be in our Incubator Program, and WYO coin holders will be able to vote on applications(each WYO equal to 1 vote). During the application times the startups receiving the most votes will be offered the opportunity to take part in the Incubator Program.

WYO initial coin offering started in October 2020 and when enough funds have been raised Wyoming Incubation Coin LLC will purchase the first property to be used as an Incubator Space. If you are an entrepreneur and want to be in the first cohort of the Incubator Program, Please email
(wyo @ to let us know where in Wyoming you want to start your business. We may pick your community!

Budget (estimated):

$1,000,000 (on AVG) per property and purchasing three properties one time total $3,000,000

$10,000 (on AVG) per prop utilities, supplies, services monthly total $30,000 X 12 =$360,000

$9,000 (up to) per six person per startup, three cohorts monthly total of $54,000 x 12 =$648,000

The estimated cost to start with three properties and eighteen startups for year $4,008,000

These are estimations and depending on the actual outcomes of WYO coins sold in the ICO, and the properties locations, and the amount of startup team members at time of starting a cohort of the Incubator Program, costs could be different than estimations. Wyoming Incubation Coin LLC will not launch a cohort until there is enough funds held to cover the operating expenses of the cohort for 12 months. Reserve funds will be held in stable coins and be staked or pooled to earn interest until needed.

Wyoming Incubation Coin LLC is not responsible for any loss of funds caused by the startups in the incubator program. WYO coin is a Utility Token used to make decisions about incubator locations and startups that get into the program. This is not investment or equity in Wyoming Incubation Coin LLC or the startups in the incubator program.

WYO coin support entreprenuers and startups incorporating in Wyoming that have the potential to Impact the economy in the State and beyond.

WYO coin and Wyoming Incubation Coin LLC were started during: